The volunteering offers a unique experience of mobility and engagement in another country. It gives you the opportunity to discover another culture, to live an experience of active citizenship and to acquire skills useful to your socio-professional insertion.

On september 29th of 2012, the association  “Merkuri” received EVS (European Voluntary Service) accreditation from the Erasmus + program as receiving and sending organization. This accreditation allows us to welcome European volunteers in our association and also to send Georgian volunteers in European organizations.


Receiving organisation


Since 2012, the association received volunteers of various nationalities (Polish, French, Turkish, Estonian, etc.).

As a full member of the organization, the volunteer brings new ideas to the non-profit activities of the association. They work with our beneficiaries and their children to create workshops, raise awareness, etc. They also participate in meetings with our partners to understand the environment in which the volunteer performs his or her service.


Sending organization


As a sending organisation, our association “Merkuri” has established partnership with other associations in Europe and is allowed to send young georgian people who wish to volunteer in Europe.

Among our partners, there are different associations such as :

  • ADICE association in France
  • OKO association in Czech Republic
  • Socialinis veiksmas association Lithuenia
  • Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego association in Poland
  • etc.