Our team

Our team, which works with beneficiaries in Shelter and Family Center, includes professionals (psychologists, lawyers, social workers, and night duty persons) and volunteers, administration staff (administrator of shelter and coordinator of Family center) and management staff (financial manager and head of organization).

Management staff is responsible for overall management of shelter and family center (organization of general framework, financial management, coordination between structures, evaluation, monitoring, reporting, fundraising etc.).

Administration staff is responsible for proper organization of work in Shelter and Family center (management of time-table of visits and activities, making official records and collecting documentation, providing logistic and solving practical issues etc.).

Professionals are responsible for providing services to beneficiaries: consultations, therapies, courses, needs assessment, referrals, domestic violence social screening, events etc.

Local and International volunteers are involved in organization social activities for women and children such are: clubs, seminars, summer and winter schools, film screening, art work-shops, outdoor activities etc.