“Prejudices Visual Catalogue” (EVZ, 2016-2017)

  • To increase the understanding and awareness of prejudices and discrimination among 24 young persons from Germany and Georgia by acquiring knowledge about this topic
  • To understand the historical mistakes committed by national socialism in Europe and socialism  in Georgia in the context of discrimination
  • To share real life examples and experiences on discrimination in German and Georgian society

  • 24 young people from Germany and Georgia
  • Acquisition of knowledge and skills for minimization of discrimination in their communities
  • The rise of collective responsibility for creation of non-discriminating environment in communities
  • Acquisition of experience on how to communicate and cooperate with disable persons
  • To discover new social and cultural realities, new people, new places, etc.


“Megrelian White Nabadi” (EuroEast Culture, 2013)



To support popularization of traditional Georgian handcraft



Shooting of “White Megrelian Nabadi” documentary


“Zugdidi Cultural map” (EuroEast Culture, 2012 – 2014)


To reflect the cultural infrastructure, human and creative resources available on the territory of a region or a city


Publication of “Zugdidi Cultural map”