Youth projects

“Melodies of Peace” (International Youth Symphony Orchestra – Black Sea Trust, 2012)


To facilitate the confidence building process and establishment of more constructive relationship in conflict-affected states within and among Armenia, Georgia and Turkey utilizing the universal language of classical music as endless potential and “new mediator”

  • Establishment of the Youth International Symphony Orchestra (Turkey, Armenia and Georgia)
  • 2 concerts in Armenia

“Youth for more Gender Equality in the World” (EU-Youth in Action Program 2014)


To assist the youth from different cultural and religious background in order to create and maintain dialogues about gender issues


24 young persons and youth workers representatives from 7 countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine) discussed gender issues, received more information about gender problem in each countries, created new projects about gender equality


“Eco-employment for for better future” (EU –Youth in Action Program, 2014)



To involve young to take the responsibility of their own lives and teach them new skills they can use in their future life



33 young persons representative from 6 countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine) received information about sustainable business and how make eco soap



”Crossroad of Cultures” (EU-Youth in Action Program – European Commission Education and Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, 2013)


  • To support dialogue between cultures, to improve international relations and more constructive dialog between youngsters from conflict countries
  • To promote good art practices, addressing young people and to develop greater understanding of the creative process, cross-border and cross-cultural initiatives and exchange amongst communities  Europe and neighboring countries
  • More then 200 pictures, created by 28 young artists from Latvia, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey
  • 4 exhibitions in Kobuleti, Batumi, Zugdidi and Tbilisi



Other actions


• Participation of our teenagers in international actions against climate change, association “350”, (2009, 2010)
• Ecological conference for students “ECO-SOS” -2010
• Publication of informational booklets about AIDs and distrubution at schools, sponsor of booklets publication from the pharmaceutical firm “AVERSI” (2009)
• Action of our teenager during the “World AIDS day” (2009)
• Participation in international campaign “16 days against women’s violence” UNFPA (2008-2009)
• We and the European Union , event with the European union monitoring mission (EUMM) office (2009)
• Trainings, seminars, public lectures for Youth (2008-2011)
• Conference for teenagers, donors – “Bank of Georgia”, Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources (2007 – 2010)