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The program enables EU citizens with different skills and professional experience to participate in humanitarian projects and to support the needs of partner countries through volunteer activities and online volunteering. The goal of the program is to strengthen the EU's potential in the humanitarian sector by a joint contribution of volunteers.

The parties involved in the program are:

                 - Sending organization;

                 - Hosting organization;

                 - Volunteers.

The Sending and hosting organizations need certification to participate in the program.  The certification procedures include inspection of volunteer management standards and procedures in the organization. The organization must show the ability and experience in the humanitarian sector: Procedures, policies and strategies providing safety and security, logistics and management, data protection, mechanisms for protecting vulnerable groups, internal rules, procedures, tools, etc.

In July 2018 the association "Merkuri" was certified as a hosting organization for three years. In 2017-2018, Association "Merkuri" participated in the project "REINFORCEMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY IN HUMANITARIAN VOLUNTEERING MANAGEMENT" (EU Aid Volunteers programme) by initiative of our French partner - Association ADICE. This project envisaged a cycle of trainings and seminars aimed at summarizing and sharing experience of participant organizations with the help of European experts in compliance with program standards, acquainting existing and new tools and adapting to local context and promoting certification.

Almost 1 year of tense work was successfully crowned. We once again proved the stability and capabilities of our organization.

Since spring of next year we expect to host the first volunteers in the frame of the EU Aid Volunteers Program.


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