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  • Association "Merkuri" made international training   „Youth for more Gender Equality in the World” from Fabruary 23 to 2 March ,2014 Participants :24 representatives from 7 countries (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Greece, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Ukraine)Aim: to assist the youth from different cultural and religious background in order to create and maintain dialogues about gender issues
  •  Association "Merkuri" made project “Eco-employmenfor for better future”from August 24 to August 31, 2014. Participants :30 representatives from 6 countries  (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Romania, Estonia, Latvia and Ukraine).

    Aim: to involve young to take the responsibility of their own lives and teach them new skills, which they can use in their future life

  • ''Crossroad of Cultures'' - donor European Commission Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agenoy (EACEA0).   2013 on 20-28 September in Georgia (Kobuleti). 

    Main goal of the project was to improve international relations and create a constructive dialog between young artists from Latvia, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey.

  • Raising  women's civic of  consciousness - Global Fund for Women, 2011
  • “Create  effective  existence for  Members of  Network’s Organization”- donor –FILIA (Germany)2011
  • «European Youth Parliament”- regional session  in Zugdidi» - local government,  “Urgent Action  Fund” (2011)
  •  “The creation Gender Network in Samegrelo region” donor –FILIA (Germany) 2010
  •  “Women and Election”- (coalition project) -  donor “Women’s Fund in Georgia” -2010
  • “Georgian roots of Gender equality” – donor NEWW -2010
  •  “The integration of the village women in the society and the realization of their rights in the family”. –donor- “Global Fund for Women” -2009
  • Newspaper for women - 2008-2009
  •  “We are consolidated for peace”- (coalition project) -Women’s Fund in Georgia-2008
  • “Women and Election”- donor- “Global Fund for Women”- 2007-2008

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